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Terms of use

Please read the terms of use below because any further use of our e-shop's services implies that you unconditionally agree to those terms & conditions.

Withink* retains the right to freely modify or revoke the store’s terms and conditions whenever necessary, yet, recognizing its obligation to inform the consumers about any change via e-mail (provided that they've subscribed to our mailing list) or through announcements and updates on our Facebook page (so please make sure that you follow us there too).

General Information and Products 
Withink* ensures and guarantees the accuracy of the information displayed in this e-shop, concerning the identity of both the company and its products.   

All intellectual rights regarding the content and the structure of this website belong to Withink* whereas all intellectual rights regarding the products that are on display or for sale on this website belong to their creators. 

1. All the content, including images, graphics, photographs, sketches, texts, services and products provided, constitute the intellectual property of Withink* and are protected according to the Greek and European legislation and the international conventions. 

2. Any copy, analogic/digital reproduction, distribution, transcription, downloading of the content of the present site or misinformation of the public on the identity of its real provider, are strictly forbidden. The reproduction, republishing, downloading, communication, announcement, diffusion or transmission, or any other use of the content in any given way or through any given means for commercial or other reasons are permitted only after prior written permission from the legal owner of the above intellectual rights.

Confidentiality of the Transactions
All the information submitted by the visitor/member is confidential and Withink* has taken the necessary precautions so that it used only as long as necessary within the framework of the provided services. Some of the applied precautions are the following:    

1. Only authorized collaborators have access to the information of your transactions (i.e. the Bank and PayPal) and only when this is necessary.

2. Withink* does not reveal its customers’ personal data nor those of their transactions, unless it is imposed by the Court’s decision or the decision of any other public authority.

3. When Withink* uses third parties’ help or contribution for the support of its systems, we make sure your data remain confidential. 

Limited Responsibility 
Within the frame of the e-shop transactions, Withink* is not to be held legally responsible for further damage caused during the execution of the orders or because of the failing of it, or due to any delay in the execution, for any reason. The e-shop cannot guarantee the permanent availability of its products but recognizes the duty of informing its customers about their unavailability as soon as they become unavailable.

User liability
Users agree to not use this e-shop for:

• Mailing, e-mailing, publishing or transmitting by any means, any software which contains viruses or any other codes or files or software which is designed to discontinue or cause damage to equipment or operational capabilities of computers or computer components.

• Intentional or unintentional violation of existing legislation or provisions, including the purchasing of goods with the sole purpose of returning them in order to affect the company financially.

They also agree that Withink* bears no responsibility of any kind for anything that may occur as a result of ill conduct or malicious use of its electronic shop. Any use contrary to the conditions stated above may result in civil prosecution as well as interruption of services without prior warning.

Warranty / Refund - Product replacements
You can return the product(s) you have purchased from Withink* (return frees will be charged) in any package, in any condition and for any reason (including rescission of purchase without explanation) within twenty-five (25) days from the day of delivery and we will either reship your order (at no cost) or we will deposit the full amount of your purchase into your PayPal or your Bank account, depending on which the deposit was made from. We would appreciate any feedback as to why you return so that we can improve.
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